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separation anxiety

Separation anxiety and associated behaviours are stressful and upsetting for dogs and owners, leaving you both feeling like prisoners in your own home. Click here to find out how we can help you and your dog feel better.

dog aggression

The most important part of your dog’s development occurs in the first few weeks of puppyhood, so at this stage we focus on giving them life skills they need to be “pawesome” for life! It’s never too late to learn though, so if you have a dog who would benefit from a few extra school days, just get in touch and we’ll help you get them back on track.

Unwanted behaviour in dogs can be managed and modified to improve both the pet and owner's quality of life. It is important to address these behaviours early on with professional training and behaviour modification techniques, as they can escalate and become dangerous if left unchecked.

Are you facing any of these issues with your dog?

Ignoring commands

Jumping up on people

Destructive behaviours

Excessive barking

Resource or food guarding

Chasing other animals

Dog-dog aggression/reactivity

Fears or phobias

Aggression towards people

Separation anxiety

Obsessive or compulsive behaviours

We can help

Positive techniques
We focus on force-free and positive techniques to build happy, confident dogs that know how to behave without being asked.

Expanding knowledge
We help you to expand your knowledge and skills, equipping you with all you need to get the most out of your dog.

Top quality service
We are qualified, accredited and insured for your peace of mind. We tailor every session to the individual owner and dog.

We come to you
Behaviour and training sessions from the comfort of your own home across Edinburgh and the Lothians, any time, any day of the week.


What people say about us

[River] is extremely knowledgable and without doubt the dogs benefited from her understanding of dog behaviour. She got the best out of the dogs and I would highly recommend.

Sean L.

Highly recommended. River was patient and understanding, and gave me all the tools and info needed to get Archie on the right track. Understanding his behaviour and knowing how to respond makes a world of difference.

Julia S.

River is absolutely brilliant! Help me a lot and gave me so much knowledge on dog behaviour! Loved working along side River helping dogs in need of some behaviour training. She has helped so many dogs in the the Edinburgh dog and cat home. Definitely recommend River to anyone that is looking for a behaviourist. Thank you!

Ceilidh C.

Having had a dog with a lot of problems and having taken advice from many people River was amazing, all too often it seems some people watch a few episodes of a tv show and think they can be paid for handing out really bad outdated information. River's knowledge is outstanding and I doubt I would have been able to bring my border collie round if it wasn't for her expert advice and coaching now I feel confident with my pooch in almost all settings. Thank you.

Ian D.

Amazing dog behaviourist I have ever worked with, you have gave me more confident to understanding my dog and his behaviour alot more than I did before and gave me all the support I need, i feel like I can come to you about anything regarding my boy (Rudi) without feeling like am being judged.

Always positive!! Highly recommended!!

Rudi is getting more confident day by day and it's all thanks to you. Thank you so much River, it's always a pleasure working with you as we have fun with Rudi in the process. Looking forward to seeing [you] again soon on our next session.

Danielle D.

“We contacted River because our terrier was suffering acute anxiety when our new grandson visited. He was unable to be in the same room with the baby. River was calm and kind and showed us how to gradually introduce the baby and the terrier. She gave us great support and advice and encouraged us persevere. Happily, having followed her advice, we have spent a calm and relaxed Christmas with our 2 baby grandsons and our terrier. Thank you River.”

Cathy A.