Fear, Aggression & Reactivity

Many owners will struggle with their dog’s behaviour at some point in their life – you are not alone! There are many ways in which unwanted behaviour can be managed and modified to make both your and your dog’s lives easier and more fulfilling.

With our diverse team and collaborative approach, we are ready to support owners with diverse behaviour issues. All behaviour cases are led by our clinical behaviourists River McDonald and Eilidh Mackay and include a variety of approaches including online, in person and rehab training sessions with members of our training team.

"Rather than just focusing on the "problem", River looked at every aspect of our dog's life and supported us in creating a comprehensive plan to improve her life and ours! She has helped us transform our puppy from a wild child into a calm and well behaved dog." - Leica's owner Hannah, September 2021

How will you solve my dog's behaviour problems?

Helping your dog overcome behaviour issues is a collaborative and gradual process. Behaviours that seem problematic to you are likely very functional and necessary as far as your dog is concerned! So, to get rid of these behaviours we will work together to look beneath what your dog is doing and look at their experiences and understanding, and their triggers, motivations and need. This approach tackles the root causes of unwanted behaviours, creating sustainable behaviour change. in the longer term.

We seek to work with clients who understand this and are ready to deepen the understanding they have with of their dog to create a happy, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship. We work flexibly to support you using positive reinforcement, rewards, fun, canine-friendly communication techniques and are at all times led as much as possible by up-to-date science and tried and testing techniques.


Common dog behaviour problems we can help with

  • Aggression toward other dogs
  • Aggression toward unknown people
  • Aggression toward family / household members
  • Leash / lead reactivity
  • Aggression towards household pets including cats and small furries
  • Separation anxiety problems
  • Fearful behaviours (fear of people, vet visits, travel etc.)
  • Noise phobias (particularly fireworks)
  • Destructive behaviours (chewing, digging, scratching etc.)
  • Repetitive and compulsive behaviours

Frequently Asked Questions

Evening and weekend slots available, contact us for more information or to book.

Note: A travel surcharge of 45p per mile for all clients outwith a 20-mile radius applies.