Behaviour Consults

Many owners will struggle with their dog’s behaviour at some point in their life – you are not alone! There are many ways in which unwanted behaviour can be managed and modified to make both your and your dog’s lives easier and more fulfilling.

Weekday and weekend slots available: Contact us for more information, or to book.


Common dog behaviour problems we can help with

  • Inappropriate toileting (dog is urinating / defecating in the house)
  • Aggression toward other dogs
  • Aggression toward unknown people
  • Aggression toward family / household members
  • Separation anxiety problems
  • Attention seeking (including jumping up)
  • Fearful behaviours (fear of people, fear of noises etc.)
  • Travel problems
  • Destructive behaviours (chewing, digging, scratching etc.)
  • Excessive barking
  • Repetitive and compulsive behaviours

Frequently Asked Questions

Behaviour work may involve training but is distinct in that a behaviourist will first pull together all of the possible factors influencing your dog’s behaviour, such as environment, socialisation, genetics, health & veterinary status, training and personality to provide a behavioural “diagnosis” which is key in coming up with an effective treatment plan.

Only by bringing everything together can we be sure to come up with something kind and effective, the two major aims of what we do! More often than not we focus on changing how your dog feels about something as this will naturally change your dog’s behaviour.

This is the best way to get appropriate and permanent changes for the better, and to set your dog up to make good choices in how they behave.

Beware of any trainer or product that promises a “quick fix” for behaviour problems as most will use punishment-based or aversive methods which will temporarily supress the behaviour you were seeing but almost always make the underlying issue worse. Further down the line these dogs will often develop worse problems and may show aggression without warning since the behaviours they previously used to cope or communicate were punished.

After an initial phone call to find out what the problem is, discuss immediate management practices and answer any questions you have about the process, you will be sent a veterinary referral form and canine history form.

Once your dog has been seen by a vet, we will book in a convenient time to conduct an initial consultation which will take place at your own home or another safe and convenient location. During this consultation we will discuss in depth what has been going on, have a look at the behaviour if appropriate, talk about likely causes of the problem and then together, identify some aims to work towards in rectifying the problems you are facing.

Where appropriate we will look at management, routine, feeding and training practices and you will have a chance to see these demonstrated and to try them out. Within 10 days of the consult you will receive a full written report and instruction sheet for any training steps that need to be undertaken. Full phone and email follow up are included and questions and updates are always welcome and encouraged.

For many people, practical training help is also helpful and so clients have the option to book a behaviour and training packages where we will meet regularly to practice techniques, adjust and progress through the behaviour plan.

Evening and weekend slots available, contact us for more information or to book.

Note: Travel surcharge of 45p per mile for all clients outwith a 40 miles radius applies.