Behaviour Referral Service

We are ready and waiting to assist with all your behaviour referral needs! We will work with the client as part of a vet-led team to help bring about behaviour change in their companion.

To make a behaviour referral please complete the form below and upload a copy of the patient’s clinical history (including any test results). Please note we take referrals from across the U.K. for separation anxiety and separation related behaviours, and see clients across Scotland for in person sessions on reactivity, aggression, resource guarding and other behaviours such as fears and phobias. Please note all data is handled securely and in line with our privacy policy, a copy of which can be found here.

Our lead behaviourist River McDonald is a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (ASAB), a registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the ABTC (Animal Behaviour & Training Council) and a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC). Fees are claimable on pet insurance policies where a valid policy is in place. If you would like to discuss a case prior to referral, please contact River directly at

If you prefer, a copy of the form can be downloaded here and emailed to, along with the clinical history.

Connecting Health & Behaviour

Behaviour and health are known to be closely linked, so if we have concerns of this nature, we will seek your expert opinion on whether this needs to be further investigated. We are lucky to be able to spend longer periods of time with the animal, often in their own environment, so we may have the opportunity to observe things that are impossible to see in a clinic setting.

For more information about when and why to refer to an accredited behaviourist please read our information for vets, prepared by veterinarian Eilidh Mackay BVM&S MRCVS MSc.