Our vision is for all dogs & their owners to live long and happy lives together.


Our mission:

We create safe, fun spaces for people to learn about their dogs, deepen their bond and address behaviour and training challenges in a way that is science-led, up to date and accessible.

We serve modern pet dog owners who seek to communicate with their dogs and engage in positive, fear free and relationship-based dog training.

By offering training and behaviour work in person, online, via 1-2-1s and in small groups, we deliver bespoke solutions that fit the unique set of circumstances, and reflect the special relationship each dog and person shares.

We support ongoing efforts to bring regulation to the behaviour and training industry by only employing, recommending and working with appropriately qualified and accredited trainers and behaviourists.

Our Values:

Dogs are our teachers: we don’t believe in training dogs, we believe in supporting them to learn. We recognise that in asking them to fit into our human world, we have a duty to listen to them and guide them, never losing sight of their needs.

Wellbeing: Ensuring the physical and mental welfare of our colleagues, clients and their dogs is central to everything we do. We engage with everyone openly and honestly, and respect others’ points of view, whether human or canine. We promote healthy and holistic choices, focusing not just on behaviour, but everything that underpins it!

Collaboration: we work together, appreciating the individual skills and talents of those both within and outside of our team. As experts on dogs, we recognise each owner as the expert on their dog, and actively involve them in gathering information and in the development of training and behaviour plans.

Stewardship: we take care of ourselves, each other, our animals and the planet. As of August 2021, we began supporting a community reforestation project in Borneo, funding the planting of more trees every month as well as their care and protection by local communities.

Understanding: we know every dog owner does their best for their dog. We approach every situation without judgement, open and ready to help. We remove the stress and pressure of dog ownership created by high expectations by acknowledging each dog and owner as a unique partnership, incomparable to any other.