Dog and Puppy Training

Every owner wants a well behaved dog - a dog that has good manners with people and other dogs, that does what they're told when they are asked and that comes running when we call on them. We are here to help you achieve this!

We provide dog training that is fun and effective for both you and your dog. Using the most up-to-date techniques and methods, we will first sit down with you and listen to what you want, before creating a training plan to help you get there. Our emphasis is on friendly, relaxed and enjoyable dog training in your own home environment. Whether you are just starting out with your first puppy, or an experienced dog owner wanting to train more complex behaviours we will tailor make training session that are perfect for you and your dog.

Evening and weekend slots available, contact us for more information or to book.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use only kind methods in our dog training as these have long since been proven to effect the most solid and reliable behaviours in your dog. We never use what is known as “positive punishment” – applying aversive or negative outcomes to reduce behaviours. Instead we focus on positive ways to train dogs and help them succeed at appropriate and desirable behaviours instead!

For example, instead to training a dog not to bark when someone comes to the door, we would train the dog to go to his bed instead. We want to produce happy, confident dogs that are keen to work with and listen to their owners.

Basically, if you can dream it up, we can help train it! Some of the common examples that are relatively easy to train are commands like sit, down, stand, up, off, come (recall), wait, stay, heel and loose lead walking.

More complex tasks are also possible, for example the kind of behaviours we train assistance dogs to do such as opening and closing doors or taking washing out of the washing machine.

We facilitate training by helping you, the owner, understand and apply training techniques so if you have the time and the enthusiasm to train, we will help you reach your aspirations!

The first weeks after bringing home your puppy are a vital time during which your pup's brain is still developing and they are learning and forming ideas and behaviours that will influence the way they interact with the world for the rest of their lives. Studies have shown that focusing on socialisation rather than training commands during this time is beneficial for you and your pup. Older dogs can be taught many new tricks, however if your dog has learned to be afraid of something or has not had complete socialisation in the early weeks this can have effects that are more long term and difficult to adjust.

After feedback from our puppy clients we created puppy prep to help address the many comments we were hearing that started “we wish we had known……” or “we didn’t really think about……”. Many people are still not aware that for puppies, the critical period for socialisation and learning about the environment last only until about 12 weeks of age. From the moment you bring a new puppy home, the clock really is ticking in terms of making sure you expose them, in the correct way, to all they will need to deal with as adults. Incomplete experience, or bad experiences during this critical period can have detrimental effects on the behaviour of the adult dog, which can be difficult and time-consuming to put right. It is so much easier to have a plan in place and get things off on the right foot, and this is why we started offering puppy prep!

A puppy prep session takes place with the whole family, before your new arrival comes home for the first time. As well as giving practical advice on topics such as selecting a vet, puppy proofing your home, and choosing a puppy class, we will go through everything you need to know to raise a well-behaved and confident dog. This includes how to get your socialisation right and how to train an obedient puppy, tailor-making each prep session to take on board your expectations and wishes for the kind of dog you would like to share your life with. We will even bring along a demo dog so you can practice and feel confident in your training skills to ensure you get your puppy off to the very best start.

If your dog has behaviour problems such as excessive barking, chewing or destructive behaviour, aggression towards people or other dogs, separation anxiety or is an adult dog toileting in the house, you will require a behaviour consult initially rather than dog training. This is because a lot of initial detective work will first be required in order to correctly understand the cause of the problem. Effective solutions can only be identified once we have gained a full understanding of the mechanisms underlying the problem.

If training is put in place without this understanding there is a higher risk of applying techniques which are ineffective, unfair or potentially dangerous. For more information on our behaviour consults please visit our page on dog behaviour problems.

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Note: Travel surcharge of 45p per mile for all clients outwith a 40 miles radius applies.