1-2-1 Dog and Puppy Training

Every owner wants a well-behaved dog - a dog that has good manners with people and other dogs, that does what they're told when they are asked, that walks calmly on the lead without pulling and that comes running when we call on them. We are here to help you achieve this!

We provide dog training that is fun and effective for both you and your dog. Using the most up-to-date techniques and methods, we will first sit down with you and listen to what you want, before creating a training plan to help you get there. Our emphasis is on friendly, relaxed and enjoyable dog training in your own home environment or outdoor park that you prefer. Whether you are just starting out with your first puppy or are an experienced dog owner wanting to train more complex behaviours, we will tailor-make training sessions that are perfect for you and your dog.

Here is what some of our lovely clients have to say about our trainers!

We cannot recommend Elona enough and thanks to her advice and training exercises, our pup is like a completely different dog. When we adopted our overseas rescue pup, we were extremely concerned with how roughly he played with other dogs including not releasing if the other dog yelped, resource guarding, biting us constantly and panic yelping if we weren’t in sight inside the house. We were terrified that we weren’t doing the right things and that we could inadvertently be making things worse, even though all we wanted was to make our pup feel happy and safe. From the first training session Elona reassured us so much by explaining possible reasons behind the behaviours, that this is not abnormal for a rescue dog and gave us examples of her experience from her own rescue dog. She helped us with our pup’s impulse control, showed us how to reward calm behaviours and described the types of interactions we needed to encourage/avoid. From the second that Elona walked in the door our pup was learning from her whilst having a lot of fun which was invaluable to see. It is clear to see Elona’s passion for helping others to achieve happy results through fun games and positive reinforcement and she was always available to provide advice if we were unsure on a training exercise or when to progress it. We are very much looking forwards to continuing to work with her into the future and we are sure our pup is too! ” – from Lara J. and Spike

“We’ve had a bunch of sessions with Minas since getting our pup and each session has made huge differences. So far we’ve managed to improve loose leash walking, recall, stay, settle mat and a lot more. We’ve also learned a lot about the best ways to actually train a dog which has really helped when I’ve been trying to each something on my own. Even though we were making solid progress with the training at first, the initial pointers and tweaks to our methods that Minas showed us made everything so much easier. Having WhatsApp support during the week was really, really useful too. Whenever we had general questions about training (And with a pup that never seems to slow down, we had a lot of questions) we’d always get some tips or pointers to help out with whatever issues we had. If you’re looking for a trainer I can’t recommend Edinburgh Dog Behaviour enough, it’s definitely made our lives easier. And the difference between an actual trainer in person that knows what they’re doing compared to the countless YouTube videos I watched about training really is night and day.” – from Daniel A. and Aloy

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us or email us (enquiries@edinburghdogbehaviour.com) for more information.


Note: A travel surcharge of 45p per mile for all clients outwith a 20-mile radius applies.