Separation Anxiety Sorted

Introducing our “Separation Anxiety Sorted” one month intensive package

Separation anxiety is possibly one of the most distressing behaviour issues for any owner - or dog - to have to live with. And yet with our simple and easy to follow plans, made just for you, we’ll have you on the road to freedom in no time!

separation anxiety
What is included?

Week 1: We’ll book you in for a video assessment call with River, who will get all the necessary background on your situation, and run through some exercises to assess the level of your dog’s separation anxiety.

You’ll then receive your first bespoke training exercise the same day, along with guidelines on how to ace your first session. Once complete we’ll take a look at your notes and videos, and we’ll write the next exercise and send it over. And it is that simple!

Weeks 2-3
Every time you turn in an exercise, River will look at it within 2 working days and send you your next, personalised plan. Monday – Friday Whatsapp support is also available throughout your month’s package for all the little questions you might have along the way.

Why give this programme a go?

Like so many dog owners you have probably been trawling the internet looking for answers. Your vet probably recommended you try pheromones or herbal treatments, and despite paying lots of money for these treatments your dog only seemed to get worse. You may even have tried other trainers whose advice was confusing and hard to implement, and now on top of this making you feel lost and defeated, family and friends (and every other dog “expert” on the internet!) have suggested that you somehow caused your dog’s issues and you need to take a tough love approach to fixing it.

We can assure you that we’ve seen the results of many other approaches out there and we hate that people in your shoes end up spending a small fortune just trying to find happiness and a stress free life for themselves and their dogs. It really isn’t fair.

Our innovative programme is different, and with personalised coaching we aim to maximise the results you get for both your time and money. We want to give you a clear, stress-free programme to follow, so you can get back to enjoying life with your dog!

I don’t like technology, can I have a visit in person?

As a bi-product of the COVID lockdown, we have discovered that doing remote consultations for separation issues is actually way more effective! Firstly, because when we assess a dog at your home, the addition of another (strange!) person means it is harder to get an accurate read on things. Secondly, thanks to saving time on the commute, working remotely means River can dedicate more time per client at a reduced cost. It’s also better for the planet!

If you need extra help getting set up for video calls we will be more than happy to help you. However, if you still prefer to meet in person just email us on and we can discuss it further.

Will my dog’s separation issues be fixed in a month?

We ask for a minimum one month commitment, because years of experience and coaching hundreds of owners have shown us the most effective approach is to help people get on top of their dog’s problem without delay. Sadly, problems that go untreated tend to get worse and can be harder to resolve the longer they have been present, and so starting with an intensive month means that we can pass on lots of useful knowledge and skills and give you the confidence to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

No two separation cases are the same, and whilst some will resolve with committed training over a matter of months, others may take longer. What we aim to do is give you a tangible result in your first month and the tools to continue working towards beating separation anxiety permanently. It is possible, we’ve seen it, and we want you to see it too!