KONG® Puppy Activity Ball™


Size: S
Colour: Assorted
Materials Main: Rubber (Natural)
Materials All: 100% Rubber (Natural)

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The KONG Puppy Activity Ball™ supports puppies that are learning appropriate chewing behaviour. Made from the KONG Classic unique puppy rubber, this ball fulfils instinctual needs to chew while easing aching teeth and gums. KONG Denta-Ridges™ turn this toy into a fun treat dispensing challenge. Want to extend chew sessions? Stuff with KONG Puppy Snacks™ and KONG Puppy Easy Treat™.

  • Ball made of soft KONG Puppy Rubber designed to soothe sore teeth and gums
  • Promotes positive chewing behaviour
  • Stuff Denta-Ridges™ with treats; pastes or peanut butter to extend playtime
  • For dogs up to nine months of age
  • Made in the USA. Globally Sourced Materials.
  • Details Warning:
    Not recommended for puppies over 9 months. Supervised use only. Remove all packaging. Discontinue use if damaged.

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    Weight 88 g
    Dimensions 13.97 × 11.43 × 6.35 cm